Kayme is a travel and commercial photographer specializing in natural, historic and cultural landscapes, wildlife, professional sports, and architecture. Recently, she has expanded into product and behind-the-scenes photography for feature films. 

- Serving North Central Washington and beyond since 2012.


From New York City to London and Shanghai - cities have transformed landscapes across the world. 



The beauty of the natural world and all it has to offer. Scenic landscapes from Yellowstone to Ngorongoro.


Travel Destinations

Follow the path - you never know where it will take you. Venturing to popular and lesser known locations.



Statues, paintings, mosaics, pottery, jewelry and so on. An expression of the artist.


Feature Films & Behind-the-Scenes

What most people never get to see - a glimpse into the world behind the scenes.


Pleasing or not, architecture catches your eye and the great architects create masterpieces that draw you in.



The natural world comes in all shapes and sizes, but it is color that inspires my collection.


Historic Sites & Landmarks

Fortunately these treasures still exist. View some of the world's most incredible sites.



Capturing timeless moments. Let me help preserve your memories with a photo.



The need for commercial photography is greater than ever - let me help market your business.

Real Estate


Ready to list your property? We provide quality images to help attract potential buyers.



Wild or domestic - animals are fascinating and spectacular. I strive to capture their story.



Culture surrounds us. Food, language, festivals and faith. Each with their own identity and charm.



Athletes experiencing highs and lows in the midst of competition. Activities where people are in motion.


Custom Session

Miss Veedol Water Tower

If you cannot find a category that suits your needs please contact me for a custom photography session.