Ohme Gardens

Took some time to relax during the Apple Blossom Festival and visited Ohme Gardens. Spring is a great time of the year to visit the gardens. The flowers are in bloom and the large evergreen trees provide nice shade, especially when the sun is hot. There are several ponds where visitors can sit and watch the birds fly by or view the fish swimming around in the water. Be sure to walk along as many paths as possible and read the history of how the gardens developed.

Many visitors don't know that annual passes are available for guests. You can purchase an individual pass or a couples pass. Well worth the money. This is a great place to hike, have a picnic lunch, watch the wildlife or simply look at the views of the Columbia River and the city of Wenatchee. Enjoy! 

All images taken using mobile phone.

Kayme Clark

As owner of Kayme Clark Photography & Design, Kayme has nearly a decade of experience as a travel, nature, sports, and architectural photographer as well as editorial designer. For the past few years, Kayme has incorporated commercial product photography, real estate photography, and behind-the-scenes stills and videography for feature films into her portfolio.

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