Château de Balleroy

One of my absolute favorite castles in Europe is Château de Balleroy. Full of character, Château de Balleroy has both charm and appeal. The exterior is gorgeous and the gardens make it an even better place to spend a day. More importantly, it is ideally located in the region of Normandy, France in the small town of Balleroy near Caen. For those of you planning to tour the region, the location makes it a great place to visit since it is so close to the major nearby tourist attractions. It is privately owned and open to the public, so you have to buy a ticket to enter the grounds and tour the castle.

Beautiful and ornate gardens surround this magical French castle. The colorful and immaculately kept gardens are a wonderful place to wander and investigate. There are many different types of vegetation within the gardens, including numerous flowers that give off a delightful aroma. Guests may also walk the spacious grounds and explore at their leisure. The château overlooks the magnificent countryside that is covered by farmland and wooded areas. 

In addition to walking the extensive grounds, visitors are welcome to join a tour of the castle's interior rooms. Built in 1631, the home is stylishly designed and decorated with highly prized art and family heirlooms from the most recent and current owners - the Forbes family.

During your visit to the château, you can also visit the Balloon Museum, the Boutique or have some afternoon tea and croissants at the Tea Room. Either way, it is a great place to spend an afternoon while taking a break from visiting the World War II memorials and monuments in the greater Normandy region. I highly recommend this as a must see destination for those choosing to travel to Normandy. Enjoy.

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